News – What’s new at PirateDiffusion

New feature! 1-click Remove background

Unlimited AI background removals are now available

By popular demand, you can now remove the background of any image and also replace it with any solid color or prompt a new render into it. The background removal tool is now available in your WebUI tools as well as in Telegram Bot by way of the /bg command.  Here is a step-by-step tutorial on how to do it 

By default, the background is set to black. However, you can pick any color, set it to full PNG transparency, and also download the mask. Advanced users can take advantage of our invert mask command and render into the opposite area without having to fuss with the inpaint brush. A handy time saver. These features are live right now.

Not a Patron yet?  You’re missing out on all of these perks 

We’ve added more SD15 and SDXL checkpoints, LoRAs, and Inversions!  Almost 3,000 total models in our collection

1. We’ve also added more support for SDXL

You can now use tools like remix, more, and inpaint. Just select the SDXL model from the inpaint menu

2. Controlnet in WebUI is here!

As pictured above, you can now render in any ControlNet mode. Learn how

3. No more fussy extra spaces

A small thing, but a quality of life thing: if your mobile phone adds extra spaces like /images: 1 that’s now ok. We understand 😅

4. New payment options arriving

For B2B and API clients, we’ve started adding support for Stripe, ACH, ApplePay, GooglePay, and Crypto. We’ll make these available to everyone after more testing

5. More models! SD15 and SDXL

Our collection of hand-picked fine-tuned AI models grows again: Hit our Models Browser to see what’s new.


Developers! PirateDiffusion now has an API

New! Anyone can now build your their own apps and websites with the best Stable Diffusion API and use all of the models and features of PirateDiffusion, including SDLX and classic Stable Diffusion 1.5.
The API is available today for all members with a PLUS membership.
What can you do with our API? Really, anything. Make a wallpaper app, add AI avatars to your website, generate images for your blog, launch your own AI art website or stock photos business, remix your face, make headshots, make a sketch-to-realism app, anything! You can build your own Discord bots, apps, websites, and more!
Resellers welcome. Chat with our devs

SDXL! Stable Diffusion XL models are here!

We are proud to announce that Stable Diffusion XL 1.0 has arrived to our humble service, and that’s not all.  You can also now use Realistic Vision XL, Juggernaut XL, DreamShaper XL, Counterfeit XL, and SDXL-based LoRAs like Loh’s Cute Social Comic XL.  By the end of the month we aim to have hundreds of SDXL models in the system. Can’t stop, won’t stop. 


(Gallery: XL prompts by Cauze Koopa, Mark White, Squibduck, Eggs Benadryl, & community)

FAQ: Getting Started with SDXL

/render your prompt <sdxl> (or another XL model from this family)

SDXL is not compatible SD 1.5 or 2.1 LoRAs & TiS

You must use XL Loras with SDXL, that’s the big difference. All of our old favorite LoRAs, TIs, Recipes — none of that is compatible. They are coded different. Inpaint is also now available for SDXL

How to use SDXL

It’s already preinstalled, you can start using it right away, no setup!

– In Web UI, there is a new pulldown menu in the concepts picker (pictured, top right).

– Choose the Stable Diffusion XL family and you’ll find the checkpoints and loras for XL there

– In Telegram, you can browse a list of SDXL models by typing /concepts /sdxl

– In case you missed it, you can also search by doing /concepts /search: xl

New #sdxl hashtag

As a time saver, you can use the new hashtag #sdxl to add common negatives, or create your own recipe.  Using this puts the usual negatives in your prompt without having ti type them: mutated hands, low quality, etc. as well as the usual high quality prompts, masterpiece, etc.

Example prompt

/render a very cool cat #sdxl

See? Who said it had to be complicated.  Add another XL model to the prompt to shake it up


We’re looking forward to your creations!  Please share your art on our Subreddit

A new Challenge Appears!

Congratulations to Johny Shetty, our winner of last month’s “Warrior Princess” Contest!

This month you can win $50 or a PirateDiffusion Hoodie by entering our new challenge: “Fabulous Hair, Right There”come see the entries so far and cast your emoji votes.

A popular entry submitted yesterday by Witty, can you beat this?

Join a Prompt Sharing Group

One of the best reasons to join is our amazing community of talented creators and helpful prompt engineers. Find your people and your inspiration in our prompt sharing groups today. For patrons only – here’s the full list

Thanks so much for your support!

It’s been an amazing journey, this community has come so far in so little time, and we look forward everyday to surprising you with more cool tools.  Thank you so much for your continued support, truly.

Captain Freeman + Tlack305

Anniversary Update

Pirate Diffusion turns one

To be honest, we weren’t sure if anyone was going to show up, but we’re so happy that you all did. We’ve met so many great creators and it’s a joy to see all of your images everyday.  There are too many people we want to thank to name, so let’s get straight to the drinking. We are celebrating our birthday with a massive list of new features, including a major new product release. 

Here’s a hint:


It’s not your imagination, Pirate Diffusion is now much faster. 

We’ve upgraded servers, database, and optimized a lot of little things to bring you features like faster infinite scrolling in your archives page and a punchier bot response. Just look at these sexy stats! We have more improvements on the way to bring you even faster service. These upgrades were made possible by our loyal supporters, thank you so much! 


Polly is our brand new, hyper smart Large Language Model.  It’s also a drunken pirate parrot with a fowl mouth. It can tell jokes, use Stable Diffusion commands,  help you come up with new prompt keywords, and render images. Polly is only open to our Patrons at this time, and appears on the new menu bar next to Render.  Polly goes live today!

To access the Polly beta, first login to your account.  Pro 15GB members are invited for a limited time, and Plus 30GB members have unrestricted access.

To use it in Telegram, just type /polly like this:

Please note that this is a very early release, and not reflective of the final speed/quality.  Polly is the first agent you’ll meet in our cast of many characters. When our LLM technologies are ready for primetime, you’ll be able to create your own characters and train them, too. Way cool.


Your personal Stable Diffusion Web UI is currently called your community, which some people found confusing, as most use it solo. We are fixing this by calling things “projects” and the website is “my stable diffusion” so it’s easier to explain.

 Here’s our new logo for My Stable Diffusion Web UI.  Or, MyStable for short (neigh!!) 


Render an image, and set it as your avatar

It’s much easier to tell when you’re logged in now — just glance at your avatar. 

Want a fresh look? Any of your images can be used to set the avatar, like this: You can also set any rendered image as your avatar from either WebUI or Telegram.

It also works within Telegram, just use the new /avatar command.  



Progressive rendering is here!  

Before, it waited to receive all of the images. Now it displays them one by one as they render. No more waiting for the whole batch — they pop in one by one. This is trickier to do in Telegram, but we’ll eventually bring it to Telegram as well.

 Now images appear one by one, instead of waiting for whole set.


The render details pane has two new buttons: avatar and send to telegram 

This button puts a short code in your clipboard that will teleport the image to Telegram, so you can start in WebUI and continue in Telegram.  It looks like this:

Paste that into your bot, and it zaps it there. How neat is that?

Remember, you also have the reverse workflow available to you. Any image you create in Telegram will appear in your Web UI’s Archive section, just type /webui in Telegram to find it. 


A new graphed Image Evolution family tree

After an image is modified, the evolution link appears at the bottom of the page.  

This gives you a visual journey across the current branch of forked changes, and lets you track back to an old idea easily. 

We’ve also split the Remix Too into positive and negative prompts, and it contains aspect ratio, guidance presets, steps, and image count. 



WebUI Facelift has caught up to Telegram: You can now choose between anime/illustration, face retouch, or general AI upscale. The “Regular photo” mode will upscale the image without changing the facial details, and the anime mode will boost any kind of digital drawing.  Improve face is trained on realistic faces, so that won’t work well on illustrations. Use the “anime” mode for your art. 

You can also add additional commands before it runs, such as overriding the sampler.


Three new features:

  • No need to redraw masks: 
  • A new radial button for “previous” remembers previous masks within last 7 renders
  • You can now upload images directly into inpaint (top right)
  • You can download your favorite masks and reupload them. 
  • Note: It works best when both images and the mask are the exact same size.

Expanded Tools Menu

We’ve added more tools like /highdef and /more options in WebUI, when you’re looking at a Render. 


These are rolling out slowly this week, look for more button options soon. No ControlNet over WebUI yet, but that’s clearly next. You can use 8 modes of ControlNet via Telegram though, with unlimited presets. And Roop-style FaceSwap! We’re also testing two more face-swapping commands right now, they’ll be in the next update. More superpowers coming.


In case you missed it, last week we rolled out the ability to favorite your top concepts.  Just login and click the heart button. It also works in Telegram, as shown below:


You can now search AI models with this command right within Telegram.

The command is /concepts /search: followed by your keywords, like this:

It looks at our short lora nicknames as well as the full title and creator of the model, so it will help you find those obscure ones.


In preparation for SDXL, which is unfortunately not backwards compatible with SD 1.5 LoRAs and Textual Inversions, the software now has awareness of Families of Stable Diffusion models.

We’ll save you some grief instead of showing you a crazy error and catch these mismatched conditions.


Recipes are prompt templates created by the community, which you can add to your prompt like a cheat code to summon powerful effects. These three new recipes only include negative textual inversions, so they’re really good short cheat codes for boosting image quality fast. Here’s what they do, in order of intensity

  • #boost – adds very bad negative and a few mild fixer-upper keywords

  • #nfix – adds three powerful negative TIs and upscales images to 1200×1200 (pro users only)

  • #everythingbad – includes over 10 negative TIs, it’s the nuclear option

Try them out today! Add one them to the very start of your prompt for best results. If no base model is selected, it will default to the very excellent <photon> V1. And speaking of models:


And of course, we’ve updated our models and have added a ton of content.  

Follow our Announcements channel for minor model updates and more, see you in the groups. Also, today is the last day in the Pirate Diffusion Challenge – cast your votes!