Best Image Generator Bot – Pirate Diffusion / Telegram

Web UI and Telegram now included

PirateDiffusion by Graydient AI is the most powerful Images bot on Telegram

Enjoy every major Stable Diffusion feature via quick chat commands

  • PC, Mac, iOS & Android
  • Unlimited images & LLM bots
  • Upload & Edit your own photos
  • Sketch-to-Photo, Img2Img
  • Inpainting, Outpainting
  • ControlNet, IP Adapter, Blend
  • Unlimited background remover
  • 200 Steps, HiResFix, Samplers
  • Unlimited FaceSwap (roop)
  • Unlimited 4X Upscalers
  • 200GB cloud drive
  • 5000 models + LoRaMaker
  • Unlockable 18+ mode
  • Export as SVG, PNG, JPG
  • Create Privately or Socially
  • Save Workflow Loadouts

Satisfaction Guaranteed


Create anything in any art style
High res image with incredible fidelity. Its not Midjourney, it's Pirate Diffusion - learn how

Graydient is a cloud computing platform for creating A.I. spaces, and host many other apps.

Now all your Pirate Diffusion images are accessible on all apps in the graydient cloud, like Stable2go (pictured below)

Now includes access to all of Graydient's apps

Try our Telegram Bot
with enthusiast features like LCM, ControlNet, Inpaint

You can render while you're on the pooper, too. Everybody does it.

Includes LoraMaker and POLLYGPT

Train your own chat bots with built-in SDXL 1024×1024 smart prompting


Find your people - Join a Group

Over 6000 groups, public and private, independently moderated by our community users
Create an account to browse groups, browse millions of prompts, and chat
Unlimited Plans

Stop paying for AI credits. Batch create images like a boss

Fast on any device

Enjoy on any phone or tablet. Powered by Graydient Cloud, we never burden your GPU, disk space, or battery


Type less and do more with prompts on our cloud. Create powerful macros, project folders, and loadouts

Pro features

Weights, Img2Img, Controlnet, Inpaint, Outpaint, Faceswap (Roop), Highres, 4X Upscale & more

Private or Social

Create privately, or join shared prompting space in real-time. Share ideas, get inspired


I tried other sites that offer credits or time limits and doing the math ... this is a no-brainer
Why am I so addicted to this?
I couldn't draw stick figures two days ago, and now I'm thinking of publishing novels
I have Stable Diffusion running locally, but this is so much easier and portable, incredible stuff
I wasn't sure I could do this, but I was making incredible pictures right away
I'm just a casual but it exceeded my expectations. I like to watch people to get my own ideas
Hong Kong

PirateDiffusion is also a proud sponsor of model creators like URPM, AniMerge, PicxReal, Majic, Dreamshaper, Epic, Comics, BRA, Hassaku, as well as a patron of many others. 

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