Inpainting and Generative Fill

Inpaint is the technique of “painting” changes over an existing area of picture with AI, also known as Generative Fill. Simply provide an image to begin with, and you can change, remove, or add anything to it with a masking tool and a prompt. We will first literally paint the regions of the image that we want to change, and then use words to describe what should happen next.  It’s quite magical.

Step 1: Upload or create an image

Login to your webui, and add it to your library. There will be a button that says inpaint at the top of the page. Alternative, you can just use the upload button.

Download the image of the woman in the pink dress to follow along.

Step 2: Click the image, then Tools

The Inpaint tool will appear in the tools menu, as shown below


Step 3: Choose the art style

On the top left corner, you’ll find a concepts menu. These are popular inpaint art styles. In the screenshot below only two are shown, but there are many available when you log into your PRO account.

Step 4: Literally draw on the photo

We want to change what she’s wearing, so we’ll paint over her body and describe the new garment.  Use the negative box to describe what you don’t want to see.  As this is a family-friendly tutorial, we’re blocking any possible nudity.



Step 5: Click inpaint to see the results

You can do this over and over again to fix small details or make major changes, and you don’t have to re-draw the mask every time.  There is a previous button to load the last mask if you make a mistake.