HDR Color correction in Stable Diffusion with VASS

What is VASS and HDR color and composition correction? VASS is an alternative color and composition for SDXL. To use it, add the the /vass parameter to your SDXL render. Whether or not it improves the image is highly subjective. … Read More

How do swap the VAE in runtime in Stable Diffusion

What is a VAE? VAE is a file that is often included alongside Checkpoints (full models) that impacts the color and noise cleanup, to put it simply. You have have seen models advertised as “VAE baked” — literally packing this … Read More

How to use FreeU in Stable Diffusion with PirateDiffusion

How to use FreeU to boost image quality FreeU is a simple and elegant method that enhances render quality without additional training or finetuning by changing the factors in the U-Net architecture. FreeU consists of skip scaling factors (indicated by … Read More

What does Arafed mean in Stable Diffusion? ShowPrompt and the Describe command

What does Arafed mean in Stable Diffusion? ShowPrompt and the Describe command Ah yes, the mysterious Arafed.  You might see this in prompt outputs or when using our /describe command “The word “arafed” appears to have multiple meanings in English, … Read More

PirateDiffusion Content Guidelines

Be cool. These are general guidelines for your creations in public groups and private spaces as well. This is an evolving document based on community feedback. … Read More

Request a model install

Are we missing a model? We can install models from Huggingface or Civitai for you.  How to check if we already have it: Search our models collection – and toggle nsfw if applicable. If its not there, we’ll try to … Read More

Free alternative to ChatGPT – Introducing PollyGPT LLM

Anniversary Update Pirate Diffusion turns one To be honest, we weren’t sure if anyone was going to show up, but we’re so happy that you all did. We’ve met so many great creators and it’s a joy to see all … Read More